Summer Outfit: Blue 1960s Dress

I thought it was about time I did another outfit post! This new-to-me vintage dress was worn out for the first time last weekend and I absolutely love it. You can't really see from the picture but it has these amazing side splits which make it really comfortable to dance in, the lovely cotton fabric is great as well and makes a change from my usual polyester. 

I did alter this dress slightly to fit, taking it in at the side seams under the bust and shortening it as well. I kept my accessories minimal and just let the loud print do the talking (I tend not to wear lots of accessories when out dancing as they just get in the way.). The charm bracelet is from Mulberry  and you can't see the shoes but they were lace up flats from Zara - my go to dancing shoes now.

Hope you're enjoying the summer - see you soon!



  1. No wonder that dress is a favourite, it's blinkin' gorgeous on you! x

  2. That is a really super print; I admired it when you instagrammed it. Great colours, too.


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