Summer Florals

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I was on holiday last week in Versilia, on the beautiful Tuscany coast. 

I bought this cotton floral dress from Topshop a few days before the trip, after checking the weather forecast and seeing that it was 30 degrees everyday and most of my wardrobe is polyester! It's identical in style to the Kate Moss for Topshop dress from 2007, which I also have (and which is a copy of a Bus Stop dress from the 1960s). It was perfect for a day in the sunshine exploring Pisa, the sunhat I'm carrying did not leave my head all day - it was very hot!

Kate Moss Pansy Tea Dress

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  1. What a fab photo of you! I'm looking forward to seeing more holiday photos.Tuscany always sounds dreamy in the books I've read set there.
    I'm glad I only took cotton dresses to Greece, I think I'd have died in my synthetics. xxx


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