Style Muse: Tara King in the Avengers

I love the costumes worn by Tara King (played by Linda Thorson) and, whilst Mrs Peel will always be my favourite Avenger, I thought she was worthy of being included in the Style Muse series.

Tara King is the sixth partner of agent John Steed, and the first partner to be a real spy. She appeared in 33 episodes between 1968 - 69, so lots of late 60 style inspiration!



  1. Hi, Sarah!

    If I had my way, every woman and girl would dress like Tara King and Emma Peel of The Avengers. What a great assortment of looks on Tara in this post! Thank you for doing your part to keep the style of the Sixties going in the 21st century, dear friend!

  2. I wonder if Mim's seen this post yet? Tara is one of her style heroes! xxx

  3. Emma Peel is my favourite Avenging lady, but I prefer both Cathy Gale's and Tara King's outfits. Gale for their restrained elegance, and King for the colour and fun.

    "What would Tara King wear?" is a question I find myself thinking a lot.

    1. That's a great question to ask! She certainly had great style, I love her apartment too.


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