Me Made May 2017 - Week 2

Week 2 of Me Made May saw me wearing much the same as last week. I do tend to wear the same sort of outfits over and over again and sadly the weather hasn't been favourable enough for me to wear my midi-skirts and handmade crop tops. Maybe we should do this again in June when I'm on holiday?

On Monday I wore the navy 50s trousers with a navy Zara jumper and yellow and navy silk scarf from Pip├ęt. I picked up this gorgeous scarf at the Fashion & Textile Museum last year and this is the first time I've worn it.

On Thursday I wore one of my favourite shift dresses, made from lovely orange crimplene with a navy thread running through it. I would say that it is one of my most worn makes and I think it only cost about £10 if that! I wear this dress right through the year, layering a roll neck underneath in winter. This photo got a lot of love on Instagram as well - thanks guys!

Friday saw  me wearing the black 50s trousers again, or slacks to quote the pattern! I'm always in a rush on Fridays as a weeks worth of early starts and commuting takes it toll and I fail to get up when the alarm goes off (who am I kidding, I never get up when the alarm first goes off!). Night owl that I am, I don't do mornings so I'm always in a rush and this is a fail safe outfit for me especially when the weather is a bit iffy like it was on Friday. It was so muggy and humid and was threatening to rain at any moment! This time, instead of all black I wore a white knit top from Zara and my trusty chain belt (and Ferragamo's!).

Saturday saw the return of the green trousers, this time with a sleeveless knit top. I was rushing around a bit so failed to get a picture - I'm such a bad blogger!

If you need to catch up with my outfits from last week you can find the post here or find me on instagram (@stylesixties). Hopefully next week I'll be able to wear one of my a-line skirts!



  1. I've been enjoying seeing all your outfits.

    I've just bought a psychedelic crimplene dress. Lord knows where I'll wear it. Perhaps I'll scare my workmates with it.

  2. A gorgeous round-up again! Love the spotty dress. I wish this weather would stay nice, we're averaging one day a week! xxx


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