Style Muse: Emma Peel

Mrs Peel, the lady we all love from The Avengers. Played by the lovely Diana Rigg, Emma Peel is a fictional spy in the British 1960s adventure series. The Peel era is definitely the most popular and marked the shows apex (she's my favourite too!). I recently discovered that the True Entertainment channel shows The Avengers on weekday evenings here in the UK and have enjoyed catching up with the series. 



  1. Hi, Sarah!

    I well remember the British TV spy series The Avengers and the alluring Diana Rigg as one of the great beauties and style muses of the 60s. I also enjoyed Diana's performance in the bleak, satirical 1971 film The Hospital which starred George C. Scott.

    Thanks for the memories, dear friend Sarah!

  2. Fabulous,. wasn't she? I need that cut-out catsuit in my life! x

  3. Ah, HAIR GOALS.

    The Peel stories are my favourites from all the Avengers. I actually like her look a little more in the black-and-white episodes. I do love Tara King's costumes, but she's a little too fluffy compared to Peel. Peel was Steed's equal, and that's why they work so well together.


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