Space Age Interiors

No your eyes are not deceiving you, this isn't a photograph from a 60s magazine but a new collection by furniture and home accessories store Maisons Du Monde. The orange chair immediately caught my eye when I came across the photo on twitter the other day and I squealed with excitement when I realised it was a new range. Original pieces are becoming harder to find and more often than not end up going for a fortune at auction, so this range is great if you want to achieve the look without the eye-watering price tag! 

I will definitely be keeping my eye on this store for when I do come to buy my own home, so much orange! More information about the range can be found on the Maisons Du Monde website.



  1. Hi, Sarah!

    Those are stunning retro style furnishings. The design of the chair implies comfort and the combination of bright orange, red, gold and white throughout the set makes an eye pleasing decorating scheme.

    Thanks for showing us this line, dear friend Sarah!

  2. I'd love one of those chairs! x

  3. Wow. That stuff wouldn't work in my 'Victorian explorer' home but if I had the right house, I'd love it. As you say, it's great that this sort of thing is still being made. The only bad style is no style.

  4. Cool post, we've shared it on our Facebook page :-)

  5. Eeeep so cute! Loving this zesty shade of orange.


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