Sew Style Vintage Feature

Hello! Two posts in one week, aren't you the lucky ones. Just a quick one today to tell you about a magazine that I have been featured in. 

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a publishing company about contributing to a feature for Sew Style magazine, a glossy bookazine which is published in association with McCall's patterns. They were putting together a feature on 1960s style and wondered if I would answer a few questions about what I look for when buying vintage and 1960s inspired clothes. I was only too happy to help and I'm thrilled to say that they used my work in the magazine!

If you're interested in getting your hands on a copy you can buy it here. It's quite pricey but it's more of a book than a magazine and does come with two free vintage patterns.



  1. That's exciting! I saw that magazine in Morrisons a couple of months ago, it is expensive but, like you say, if the patterns are ones you're going to use then it more than justifies the expense and it's got you in it, a massive bonus! x

  2. That must have been such fun to take part in.


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