Style Muse: Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd is an English model, photographer and author. She's probably best known for being married to George Harrison and later Eric Clapton and thus being the inspiration behind some of the big hits of the 60s - Eric Clapton's song Layla was apparently written to proclaim his love for her. She began her fashion career in 1962, modelling in London, New York and Paris, being photographed by the likes of David Bailey and Terence Donovan. She was cast in the film 'A Hard Days Night' in 1964, which is where she met George Harrison.

I can't believe Pattie hasn't been featured on the blog before, she was definitely a huge influence on 1960s fashion and I know when I was first getting into this style I found her fashion shoots really inspiring!



  1. Hi, Sarah!

    I can understand why George and Eric were smitten by Pattie. She was a cute girl with a frame ideally suited for modeling 60s fashions (same as you). Thanks for presenting style muse Pattie Boyd, dear friend Sarah!

  2. The muse behind Dollyrockers! I love her! x

  3. Pattie is a wierd combination of girl-next-door and incredible beauty. She's flawless, but not in the over-polished way of the great 1950s models. A lot of the 60s beauties - Julie Christie, Talitha Pol - seem to have the same quality.


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