Classic Style

The thing I love most about 1960s fashion is that it's still so stylish today. Fashion is fleeting but style is eternal. Can't remember who said that but it's definitely true. 

I love my bold 60s prints but day to day I often dress in a more classic way. This outfit is a typical one for me, high neck top, navy a-line skirt, chain belt and Ferragamo's. Navy is one of my favourite colours to wear and it looks great paired with off white. The top is from Tesco would you believe! The quality is actually really good and I'm suitably impressed (thanks Mum for spotting it whilst doing the weekly shop!). Where I work is really warm, despite it being winter, so I have to almost dress for summer otherwise I get too hot.

Outfit Details
Top - Florence and Fred, Cardigan - Zara, Skirt - 1960s, Belt - Asos
Shoes - Ferragamo Vara


  1. I definitely agree about 60s fashions being so stylish today, styles from the 60s often feel fresher to me than the current trends! I love your navy and cream; I'm wearing the same combination of cream, navy, and gold as you, haha. A stripey dress with a navy turtleneck underneath and gold flats and accessories. Such a classic combination.

  2. You're right, 1960s style is timeless and as you've proved in that fabulous outfit, you can find some great contemporary pieces that work brilliantly with vintage ones.
    I love a chain belt (probably too much) I think I've got 15 in my collection! xxx

  3. you look really stunning in this 1960s style.Such a lovely vintage outfit


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