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Nancy Sinatra is an American singer and actress and the daughter of Frank Sinatra. She began her career with an appearance on her father's tv variety series in 1957, but initially only achieved success in Europe and Japan. In early 1966 she had a transatlantic number-one with "These Boots Are Made for Walkin" which was written by Lee Hazlewood, who wrote and produced most of her hits and sang with her on several duets (the Nancy and Lee album is a personal favourite of mine). Her relationship with Hazlewood was something of a love/hate one with Nancy quoted as saying "..we had a love-hate relationship but we made wonderful music together. In the end, it was more love than hate.". 

Nancy had a brief acting career in the mid 1960s which included a co-starring role with Elvis Presley in the movie Speedway. She still tours regularly and releases albums. 


Source: The Telegraph

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  1. Hi, Sarah!

    I was a teenager when Nancy Sinatra was at her peak. "Boots" was her biggie and I like it a lot, but I think you'll agree that her greatest recordings were those collaborations with Hazlewood. It's a shame "Summer Wine" went to waste stateside and in the UK released as the B side of Nancy's solo "Sugar Town." The result was that "Summer Wine," an absolute gem of a recording, halted at #49 on the U.S. chart and failed to make a dent in the UK chart. However the side did manage to reach #14 in Australia. I also loved the Nancy and Lee single "Jackson."

    A version of "These Boots" was used in the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, the little known 1991 crime drama Delusion. Play this trailer from the 1:07 mark:

    Thanks for the memories, dear friend Sarah!


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