The Face of the 60s

You guys, I only went and won the Oxfam competition! You are now looking at the face of the 1960s. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my post, I had a few people asking if they could vote for me but it was all down to the judge, Victoria Moss, to decide and luckily for me she thought I deserved to win.

I had to travel up to Leeds for the photo shoot which saw me getting up at some god awful hour on a Saturday to catch a train from Kings Cross. Let's just say I am not a morning person! 

The shoot was taking place at the Oxfam hub in Batley, which is the home of the Oxfam Online Shop. Myself and my fellow bloggers got very excited at being able to wander round the vast warehouse looking at all the clothes, I even came home with a bit of crimplene.

For the shoot I got to wear an amazing Emanuel Ungaro orange, cream and black abstract dress which I teamed with my 1960s cream loafers. The dress had a gorgeous orange underskirt but we pinned this up to make the dress look more mid-60s. I was a little nervous as I haven't done this sort of thing before but everyone was lovely and the pictures turned out great so I needn't have worried! The photographer was Mario Testino's former first assistant, Fashion and Portrait photographer Benjamin Tietge and hair and makeup was by Andrew Williams and Nadia Avent from Nicky Clarke and celebrity make-up artist Rosie Lewis.

It was great to hang out with the other winners, Nora of Nora Finds was the winner for the 50s, Leigh of Fox & Feather was 70s and Kristin of tights camera action was the winner for the 80s. Check out our group shot and video below


More info about the competition and the other winners can be found over on the Oxfam site:



  1. Hi, Sarah!

    When I saw the title of your post it took me a couple of seconds to remember your previous post and to make the connection. Then your picture popped out at me and I grasped that you had won the competition, that you were chosen to represent the Sixties! I am overcome with joy and excitement, Sarah. Congratulations! I have known you for years and always thought a day like this would come when you would receive the kind of recognition you deserve. You look cool, confident and positively smashing! You are indeed The Face of the 60s!

    I am very happy for you, dear friend Sarah!

  2. They chose well. You have a feel for the era. You don't just put on the clothes, you turn the clock back to 1966. The love and magic come through in many of the pictures you post. Brava.

  3. It would have been an outrage if you hadn't! You are the 1960s personified, Sarah! xxx

  4. Congratulations! Nora Instagrammed a photo of the four of you - it looks like you all are deserving winners.


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