Style Muse: Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw was one of the most successful British singers during the 1960s, often described as the barefoot pop princess due to her penchant for not wearing shoes, in 1967 she was the first British act to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

Born and raised in Dagenham, she worked at the Ford Factory before coming second in a local talent contest where the prize was the chance to perform at a charity concert in London. At said concert she was spotted by singer Adam Faith who introduced her to his manager Eve Taylor.

Sandie was a regular on popular British TV programmes of the time such as Top of the Pops, Ready Steady Go! and Thank Your Lucky Stars. She had more than 20 top 40 hits and more number ones than any female artist in the 1960s.

She was also a style inspiration to many (that bob!) and in 1968 began selling her own line of clothing and shoes. She is now a qualified psychotherapist and lives with her third husband Tony.




  1. Have you read Morrissey's autobiography? He reckons she is a complete psychopath. Put me off her a bit! xxx

    1. I have but I don't remember reading much about her? Maybe I was distracted during that chapter! I just love her hair and style to be honest x

  2. Hi, Sarah!

    I enjoyed reading about Sandie and listening to her pleasing vocal on "Run." Sandie and a number of other English female pop singers of the period became style muses, (clothing, hair and lifestyle), not only in the UK, but in other part of Europe and America.

    I enjoyed your post, dear friend Sarah. I hope you are having a fab week. Cheers!


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