Orange Stripes

Roll necks layered under shift dresses have been my uniform this past winter. I got this gorgeous orange, blue and white crimplene off of a friend and I couldn't wait to make something with it. I made this dress in the middle of winter and rather than waiting for the warmer months I decided to wear it straight away. I wear bright colours all year round, someone's got to brighten up the office haven't they?

I had some fabric left over and managed to squeeze another dress out of it. Stay tuned for a future outfit post!

Outfit Details
Dress - handmade, Jumper - Zara, Bag - Chanel, Bangle - Herm├Ęs Clic H



  1. Hi, dear Sarah!

    It's wonderful to see you again, dear friend. With your model's frame you look better wearing horizontal stripes than most women, and I admire this orange, blue and white me-made.

    Have a great weekend, dear friend Sarah!

  2. That looks absolutely brilliant, what a nice friend to pass on the Crimplene! xxx

  3. Oo lovely colours! Polo necks and shift dresses have been my go to outfit this winter too, so simple but really effective I think


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