Oxfam Vintage Face & Style

Recently, Oxfam got in touch inviting me to participate in their #VintageFaceandStyle competition. They are searching for the faces of four decades of vintage fashion with the winners being featured on the Oxfam online shop. I think I'd be quite a good fit as the face of the 1960s seeing as I've been obsessed with this decade for longer than I care to remember. I live and breathe the 60s, right down to my choice of furniture and interior design (I even have an original mini!). There is no 'other Sarah' who runs around wearing jeans and t-shirts, if you were to bump into me in the street you would find me dressed exactly how I do on this blog (I wear the dress featured below to work quite often).

The 1960s was an amazing decade for music, fashion and design - a real unique moment in time that will never be repeated. How cool would it be to be the face of the 1960s? and for a great cause too. Fingers crossed guys....



  1. Hi, dear Sarah!

    No one I can think of deserves to represent the face and style of the 60s more than you. I hope you are chosen! From what I have read, an independent judge gets to decide but, if there is any way I can vote for you, please let me know.

    Good luck, dear friend!

  2. I know, I've seen you can verify that you are the real deal! Good luck. You are the best advert for the 1960s ever! xxx

  3. You are perfect, the style of the 60's belong to you!


  4. Have you ever watched the Australian show "Love Child"? You would love it for the fashions alone.

  5. Oh good luck! You deserve it :)

  6. You are the absolute embodiment of sixties style, sweet Sarah. Fingers and toes firmly crossed that you win!

    ♥ Jessica


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