Flower Power

I may have squealed just a tiny bit when I got my hands on this wonderful piece of floral crimplene. I do seem to make the same shift dress again and again but there was no way this fabric was going to be used for anything else. Plus my beloved curtain dress is nearing the end of its life span (fyi - curtain fabric isn't really suitable for dressmaking as it doesn't wash well), so I was in need of a replacement.

This dress is perfect for both summer and winter and I'll be wearing it with a roll neck layered underneath in the coming months. I think it's safe to say it's my new favourite.

instagram - @stylesixties



  1. Very nice dress, It is just perfect for you!



  2. Hi, Sarah!

    I love your summer - winter dress, dear friend! It's another smart creation - the pattern bright, colorful and cheery - plus, it fits your slender frame nicely. The dress looks fab all by itself or layered.

    Wonderful job, dear friend Sarah!

  3. What a great find! It really suits you!

  4. great!

  5. Great with your coloring -- that dress really will confuse people 50 years from now -- it's true sixties! (I was there....)

  6. Wow wonderful floral dress. you are looking so good.
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