Goodwood Revival 2015

Outfit Details
Dress - Handmade
Coat - Benetton 
Shoes - M&S
Bag and Scarf - Vintage

My favourite event of the year has come around again. I feel like I've arrived home as soon as I pass through the gates of Goodwood Revival and the weekend passes way too quickly. 

This year was extra special as I was invited to take part in the best dressed parade on both Saturday and Sunday. Much to my surprise I came second on Saturday, I had my friends cheering me on in the tent and I was wearing a dress that I had made which made it extra special. My mum was like a proud pushy parent as she's wanted me to be in the parade for years, she would see the photos on Facebook and go "why aren't you in this?! why haven't they taken your photo?". Well mum, they have now!

Via Men's File - Photographer Matt Hind

via Goodwood
I had initially just put the headscarf on to protect my hair from the moisture that was in the air in the morning, but ended up keeping it on all day after being photographed for best dressed in it! Headscarves are one of my trademarks, I wear them purely to stop my hair frizzing up though - such vanity!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with friends and taking in all of the sights and sounds of the Revival. I was pleased to find that the Mini's were back in the St Mary's Trophy as it is my favourite race. I always pitch up at the start and finish as the roar of the cars when the race starts is amazing.

On the Sunday I wore the 1960s dress suit that I wore the previous year, this time teaming it with a gorgeous Welsh tapestry cape that I bought at the revival the year before. I love this suit and it doesn't get nearly enough wear!

The absolute highlight of Sunday for me was meeting Foale and Tuffin, they were guest judges in the best dressed parade and I had no idea they were going to be there. I managed to grab a quick photo with them before they left and they were so lovely. 

I'm looking forward to doing it all again next year! You can view previous years outfits here.



  1. Hi, dear Sarah! I have been following you through a number of these Goodwoods and I always enjoy the pictures you share of the annual event. I am thrilled to learn that you were chosen for the best dressed parade and won an award wearing a me-made dress. You looked fabulous and I agree with your mum that you of all people belong in that fashion parade. Congratulations, dear friend Sarah!!

  2. THAT CAPE! Wowzers you look amazing in it. :) Love the look of this event - sadly I've never made it down there but I'd love to in the future.

  3. I've always wanted to go to the revival, maybe i'll make it one year! Your outfits are superb, I love the cape and that orange coat!

  4. I'm not surprised you made Best Dressed, you look absolutely wonderful! xxx

  5. Congratulations on winning best dressed! Your ensemble was lovely.

  6. Yay, congratulations! You look FAB. The headscarf/coat pairing is great. Looks like it was a brilliant weekend!

  7. I was a little girl in the sixties and loved thinking about the fashion and interesting things of the sixties. Thanks for keeping it alive!

  8. how have i not commented on this yet? You look marvellous in both outfits! I saw someone mention you were their favourite outfit on their blog and sent them a link to your blog so they could see you. The headscarf was a good idea! Both practically and stylishly. And meeting Foale and Tuffin! How exciting. Are you standing on a platform or are they just very short? :)

    1. Aww thanks Cat! It was so exciting meeting Foale and Tuffin, we were all standing on a little platform when the photo was taken but yeah they are both really short, I'm 5 ft 8 :)

  9. These photos are amazing. Love these looks! The cape is just great! <3


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