Black and White

Black is not a colour I usually wear, mainly because if I wear black close to my face I look a bit ill so I tend to avoid it. I do, however, love a breton top and was inspired to create a black and white stripe roll neck after seeing this fab video on Shady Dell's blog where the backing dancers are wearing black and white.

I had some left over double knit fabric which I had used to create this breton roll neck last year, so I thought I'd put it to good use. I used Tilly and the Buttons Coco pattern (seen here) and omitted the sleeves, I cut out the smallest size and dropped the armholes a good couple of inches as I find them to be way too high on me.

I'm wearing it here with my black American Apparel trousers which have sadly been discontinued, don't you just hate it when shops do that? I should have bought a few pairs. I could always make my own but that's a bit too much effort for me at the moment, I have serious sewing fatigue after completing level 1 of my course last month. I made a bespoke waistcoat completely by hand, we only used the machine a few times and that was for things like closing the dart on the canvas and securing the inside of the welt pocket (I hate pockets). Right now I can't even think about attempting any challenging projects or anything new that requires fitting - I'm sticking to tried and tested patterns for a while!



  1. Love it! I just traced my Coco pattern yesterday, I have some coral but I also want to make a breton top (and then ran out of the fabric I was going to use, ugh). Yours looks great, just like the video :)

  2. Hi, dear Sarah! Thank you very much for the plug today! I'm glad my post containing that clip of The Action Kids dancers inspired you to go black and white and create a top similar to the one they wore that day. Come to think of it, you would have made a great member of that famous dance troupe! :) If you watch that video all the day through, you will notice not one but TWO wardrobe malfunctions. Midway through, the blonde, Roberta, experienced a problem with her belt. It somehow came loose and started flapping around. She did a splendid job of handling the clothing crisis whilst finishing the dance performance. Remarkably, near the end, brunette Lesley experienced a similar problem with her outfit!

    You might find it interesting that another UK Sarah, singer Sarah Collins, has won the latest Battle of the Banned contest on SDMM and was nice enough to visit the blog yesterday and post a comment. I was thrilled! The battle that Sarah won spans my two latest posts and I invite you to take a look when you have time.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Sarah!


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