Style Muse: Gillian Hills

Gillian Hills is an actress and singer who became popular in the 1960s and released songs in the Yé Yé style. Born in Cairo in 1944, Gillian starred in the British film Beat Girl (1960) and was signed to famed producer Eddie Barclay's record label, which she stayed with until 1964. You might recognise one of her songs, Zou Bisou Bisou, which was featured in Mad Men in the cringe-worthy scene where Megan sings it to Don Draper at his 40th birthday party.

Towards the end of her recording career Gillian starred in Blow Up alongside Jane Birkin (great film) and the popular French TV series Les Globes-Trotters (1967). She stopped acting in 1975 and now lives in England with her rock manager husband, Stewart Young. If you get a chance, check out her album Twistin' The Rock on Spotify - lots of great Yé Yé songs!


Source: Ye-Ye Girls of '60s French Pop


  1. ive always wondered who the other girl is beside Jane in Blow Up. she doesn't talk much i guess because of the French accent! And of course that song, she is much more infamous then i realised :)

  2. I always wondered what happened to the actress from Beat Girl. Great film! She is English isn't she? Will have to re watch Blow Up as I haven't seen it for years and years and did know she was in it.

  3. I love ye ye music, it always makes me thankful for my high school French classes! So many of the singers have such fabulous style. I've never seen Blow Up but I guess I should!


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