Style Muse: Meredith in Mad Men

It's been a while since my last style muse post and after catching up with the last season of Mad Men (sob!), I thought we should all take a moment to appreciate Meredith's wardrobe. She has really come into her own this season and has had some great scenes and brilliant one-liners. Her wardrobe is just too adorable - lots of frills and ruffles!

Meredith has featured before on my Style Muse series, the first time was back in May 2013. I listened to an interview recently with the actress who plays Meredith, Stephanie Drake, and she said that those amazing hairstyles were created without the use of any hair pieces - that's some serious backcombing going on there!

I'm so sad that Mad Men is over, it was my favourite TV show and the costumes have been hugely influential in my own personal style. If you're interested in the costumes you should definitely check out Tom and Lorenzo's Mad Style blog posts, the final one can be found here.

Images via Tom & Lorenzo



  1. Oh Meredith! Shes so funny and cute! I wish i could get away with her short dresses at my work. I wonder how long it took Meredith to do her hair every morning? but in the end she was almost the best assistant for Don cause she was too girly for him to seduce, and she treated him like and older brother of sorts

  2. I adore Meredith and will always wonder what happened to her after the show ended. I always thought her sweetness was cover for her strong will and believe in herself. Wouldn't it be great to see a spin-off focused on her adventures? If she had her own show, I imagine it would have to be a lot less serious then MM. It could be a subversively feminist comedy like Mary Tyler Moore. (Which is great for early 70s fashion inspiration.)

  3. Hi, dear Sarah! Mrs. Shady and I laugh out loud at Meredith's zingers. Don Draper is used to having his way with women but Meredith has a way of handling him, even dominating him at times. I like Meredith's wardrobe and I am also sad that Mad Men has ended. I hope that the success of Mad Men will lead to more nostalgic programs set in the 60s.


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