Style Muse: Meredith in Mad Men

It's been a while since my last style muse post and after catching up with the last season of Mad Men (sob!), I thought we should all take a moment to appreciate Meredith's wardrobe. She has really come into her own this season and has had some great scenes and brilliant one-liners. Her wardrobe is just too adorable - lots of frills and ruffles!

A Lesson In Crimplene

I've been asked numerous times over the years how to tell if a piece of fabric or clothing is crimplene and I always struggle to give an answer as I can't really explain how I can tell if something is crimplene, I just sort of know - not very helpful really (I would make a rubbish teacher). Today I thought I'd show you some close ups of vintage 1960s and 1970s crimplene that I have in my collection, in the hope that it will go someway to explaining what exactly crimplene is.