Blue and White

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1960s Dress, Shoes - Orla Kiely for Clarks

This blue and white crimplene dress is fast becoming one of my favourites. It was an ebay find earlier this year and I think I've worn it nearly every week since I bought it. 

I can't believe that it's the middle of March already, time really has flown by recently. I swapped corporate life for a bespoke tailoring course last month, so my time is now being spent practising my hand stitching and using industrial sewing machines (they're not nearly as scary as they look). It's something I've been thinking about doing for a while and after boring everyone I know senseless, I finally decided to do something about it this year. I'm looking forward to learning a new skill and meeting new people, the boy has already started nagging me for bespoke trousers (sadly for him, I only like making for myself at this stage!). 



  1. That is indeed a wonderful dress! When i saw it at first I thought it had military style front but I like the stripes too!
    And how fab! Tailoring! Is it an apprenticeship or are you already past that? Either way that's really exciting. Congrats on your new endeavor!

    1. Thanks Cat! It's a pre-apprentice course which will then lead to an apprenticeship on Savile Row or something similar in costume / fashion. I haven't decided exactly what yet - I'm just happy to be out of the rat race for a while! x

  2. That is a fabulous dress and I'm insanely envious of those shoes. There were a damaged pair on sale in Clarks' the other day for £15 but sadly too big...arghhh! Your new job sounds tremendously exciting. xxx

  3. hello,ciao...nice photo and Your outfit is stunning!


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