As Seen On June Carter Cash

I happened to be browsing the internet the other day when I came across this article in the Independent about Johnny Cash's love letter to June. However that wasn't what caught my eye, what did was the rather fabulous coat June was wearing in the picture above. The reason it caught my eye is that I have the very same coat, it's by Lilli-Ann, a much coveted brand who made superb clothes throughout the 1940s and 1950s. I picked up my coat from a vintage shop on Brick Lane a couple of years ago, I don't wear it that much but it is one of my favourite vintage pieces and to see a photo of it being worn by someone back then is just wonderful. A seller on ebay once sent me a picture of the original owner wearing a beach set that I had bought and it was lovely to see.

I think this coat dates from the mid 1960s although I don't know that much about the brand so I could be wrong. I'm mainly going by the style of the coat and the picture of June wearing it.

I usually wear mine when I'm going out to a dancing event or somewhere special. I don't normally save things for best but it is nice to have a coat to pull out for special occasions, something that bit more glamorous than my normal day-to-day coats. Now whenever I wear it, I'll think of June!


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  1. Hi, dear Sarah! Isn't that an incredible coincidence! I'll bet your eyes popped when you saw June wearing the same coat that you have in your closet. It looks fab on her and on you. As you stated, it is an ideal garment to bring out on special occasions.

    Speaking of special occasions, I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day, dear friend Sarah. Good night to you in merry old England and have a super Sunday tomorrow!

  2. What a coincidence! That coat is wonderful and I really do think you wear it better than June! x

  3. The coat of yours (and June's!) is just beautiful, perhaps one of the loveliest vintage coats I've ever seen. You must have been so excited to see June wearing the exact same one! You look just fab in it too.

  4. That's a GORGEOUS coat! Looks great on you!

  5. omg! they're identical! how amazing! and you look just as fab as June! xo

  6. This coat is so beautiful !


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