Style Muse: Judy Geeson

Judy Geeson is an English actress whose first major film appearance was To Sir, with Love in 1967. She starred in Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush in 1968, a film I watched for the first time this year after reading about Foale and Tuffin designing some of the costumes for the film.

I just adore her cute bob and the colourful clothes she wears throughout the film. If you haven't seen Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush then it's definitely worth checking out - it's a classic 1960s teen movie.

Judy Geeson is still acting today, according to the internet her last film was a horror one shot in 2012.


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  1. I really like 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush', I saw it years ago on the telly around the same time I saw 'Every Day's A Holiday' (another teen music vehicle of the time). I have a real soft spot for these films and have a nice little collection on DVD.

  2. She had a sister called Sally Geeson who was in some of the Carry On Films. What an era! x

  3. Hi, Sarah! Yessum, I remember Judy Geeson as the stylish dazzler in To Sir With Love, a movie I have seen at least a half dozen times in my life. Captivated by the film, I used Lulu's theme song in one of my video productions of the 80s. I haven't seen Judy in Mulberry Bush but now that you've told me a little about it I will add it to my list. Lovely post as usual, dear friend Sarah. Enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend!

  4. Ohhh I have to find this! Loved her in "To Sir, With Love" and its one of my favorite films! Thank you for the suggestion! xox

  5. Oh, funny, I was literally just thinking about this film only this morning!

  6. i have seen this movie, but I think ill need to see it again. I musnt have been paying attention to her outfits at all!


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