Hairstyles of the 1960s: The Beehive


You can't talk about 1960s hairstyles without mentioning the beehive. The style originated in the USA in the late 1950s as one of a variety of teased and lacquered hairstyles which had developed from earlier bouffant styles. It enjoyed popularity throughout the 1960s, with women all over the world sporting the style, until it became unfashionable in the latter part of the decade.

My hair is too short to sport this style properly, although I did manage to get it into a mini beehive earlier this year at Hep Cats. Hair flowers disguised the fact that my hair was too short to go over into a proper french pleat and they also hid the hundreds of kirby grips I had holding it up!


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  1. Doesn't it suit you? You look gorgeous with a beehive. x

    1. Thanks Vix! It was a lovely change having a beehive and it was certainly nice having my hair off of my face whilst I was dancing x

  2. Great job with your beehive, dear Sarah! As you know I was coming of age during the era of the beehive and these images bring back many memories. That's a super picture of the Ronettes! Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Sarah!

  3. I love it ! You look great with a beehive :-)

  4. I do love a beehive! It suits you so well. It's been a while since i've attempted one as I noticed what a toll backcombing can take on your hair.

  5. ooh the beehive! I tried getting a thing going on with my hair to wear it every day, but it always ended up looking too neat. I prefer the Bardot version, though my hair is too thin to really do a good one. Your 'hive still looks lovely, even just as a beautiful up-do!


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