Shorts Shorts

I'm a big fan of Iggy Pop's radio show on 6 music and a few weeks ago he had a show themed around Fashion where he played Shorts Shorts by The Royal Teens. I was recently in Cyprus and everytime I wore my handmade denim shorts that song came into my head.

I used McCalls' 5263 (a 1950s pattern) to make the shorts, the same pattern that I used to make my red slacks and I picked up the denim chambray from a fabric shop in Walthamstow.

They are so comfy to wear and looked great down by the pool in my bikini. I find a high waist super flattering too.


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  2. Hi, Sarah!

    I was 8 years old when "Short Shorts" shot into the top 5 on the U.S. chart. The record created quite a stir and remains one of the most memorable hits of the 50s. You look fabulous in your shorts and halter combination, dear friend, and it's great to see you again. Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!

    15 November 2014 13:45

  3. Not surprised you got the tune stuck in your head! Those shorts look fab :)

  4. I heard this song somewhere recently too. It really sticks in your head. Good to see you blogging xxx

  5. And now it's stuck in my head! Those shorts are wonderful - I also think this style is the most flattering - I have a pair of white ones that I always wear to the beach with my bikini :D I hope you had a fab time in Cypress :)

    1. Thank you! Your shorts sound lovely, I could do with a white pair.

  6. Very cute shorts, I think high waisted styles and very flattering too! I think they also matching perfectly with your swim top - you look fabulous!

  7. What gorgeous shorts, you look fab! x

  8. so cute!! i have a pair similar that i bought from the shop, but ive worn them so much that the elastane in the fabric has given and they have a wavy hem now. hehehe

  9. What gorgeous shorts, you look awesome. which place this is???????
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