Holiday Outfits: Cyprus

Today I thought I'd share a few outfit snaps from my recent holiday to Cyprus. A whole gang of us went to celebrate our friends getting married. The wedding itself was beautiful and we all had such a lovely day. 

This outfit is one of my favourites in summer. The skirt is from the 1970s and the cropped blouse is from Primark. When I was a student at college I would go to Primark on a weekly basis with my friends and this polka dot blouse was picked up on impulse one day for a couple of pounds. I don't shop there anymore but this top has survived many a wardrobe cull.

This was the outfit that I wore most over the holiday, the lace cover up is from Topshop and is a favourite of mine. My shoulders burn easily so I like to keep them covered. The turban had two purposes, to protect my hair from the sun and also to hide the fact that it was in need of a wash!

For the wedding itself I wore a green crimplene dress with gorgeous goldwork embroidery which I picked up from my favourite vintage shop a few days before flying out. I had planned to make a dress but ran into difficulties with the lining so it was just as well I found it really otherwise I would have had an outfit crisis on my hands!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week, whilst I'm here I'd like to say thanks to Pinterest for making me a "super pinner". I'm now one of the recommended accounts to follow when people sign up to the site - thanks guys! You can check out all of my boards here.


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  1. Hi, Sarah! Congratulations on being named a super pinner on Pinterest! You belong right at the top. Lucky you, the globetrotter, getting off to holiday in Cyprus! The pretty polka dot blouse you wore in the first picture made me suspect you are a member of the Pipettes. :) I also love the shade of green and the cut of the dress you wore to the wedding. All three outfits are lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Sarah!

  2. I am in love with your green dress, it's gorgeous!
    Congrats on being named a must-follow pinned on Pinterest! hehe


  3. Your green dress is just perfect, you are a fab looking couple!
    Love the way you've tied that delicious scarf! xxx

  4. I love all the outfits, but the green dress ... perfect !!

  5. Lovely photos, especially the last one. Congratulations on your Pinterest success xx

  6. Ooh you look fabulous! All such well curated outfits. I really love your skirt and crop top outfit, and the green of that crimplene is so fresh. I hope the polyester wasn't too uncomfortable for the island heat xo

    1. Thanks lovely! The crimplene was fine to wear, it wasn't mega hot so I was ok. I'm cold most of the time so polyester keeps me warm!

  7. Love your style! Gorgeous green dress, hair and make-up. Your hair is perfect. Enjoying reading details on 60s styling on your blog. I'm a vintage reseller and just keep getting more obsessed with the era.


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