Style Inspiration: Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour is  a French film from 1967 starring Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel and Michel Piccoli. It is based on the 1928 novel by Joseph Kessel and is about a young woman who is compelled to spend her midweek afternoons as a prostitute while her husband is at work. The clothes worn by Catherine Deneuve's character are so stylish, here are a few of my favourites:

This is such a lovely military coat, you can't see it in the picture but Catherine is wearing a Roger Vivier Pilgrim pump in black patent. You can read more about the shoe here.


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  1. Weren't her outfits just so stylish? I love that beautiful brown coat. And her hair looked just perfect.

  2. Hi, Sarah! How well I recall the popularity of French actress Catherine Deneuve and one of her best known movies, Belle de Jour. The film was released in France in the spring of 1967 and in the U.S. a year later when I was a college freshman. As is often the case, this was also a source of style inspiration as can be seen in these movie stills.

    I hope you're having a fine week, dear friend Sarah!

  3. Catherine Deneuve was such an inspiration back in the 60s, she was so elegant and pretty and fashion designers were in love with her french charm.

  4. i never finished watching this film years ago, but gosh she has the best wardrobe! I found myself a pair of similar shoes this year with a slight squared toe and the square buckle. They are so perfect for my 60s outfits, but its hard to polish the dust out of the buckle part!

    1. Oh I can imagine they would be hard to dust! I am quite tempted to get myself a pair of the pilgrim pumps but have so far resisted!

  5. Ugh shift dresses, my dear dear loves. I'm also obsessed with how women wore hats back then. I have a vintage sassy little hat but I haven't scrounged up the courage to wear it out yet. Any inspiration would be most welcome ;)

    xo marlen
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  6. I love this film! The outfits are to die for, sooo inspiring. Her loafers, her black and white collared dress... Just perfect!


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