Sixties Inspired: Orla Kiely for Clarks

Following on from the success of her first launch at Clarks, Orla Kiely is back with some gorgeous shoes for her AW14 collection.

Orla Dora
Dotty Shoes
Orla Daphne

The collection goes on sale today online and in stores. Be quick ladies!


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  1. Wow, the Dotty shoes are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this x

  2. Hi, Sarah! Mrs. Shady collects shoes like Imelda Marcos and I will send her this useful link.

    I hope you had a fine week and I wish you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

  3. I am a tad disappointed compared to the perfection that was her last collection to be honest. I really like some of the styles, particularly the Dotty and Dora but the colours just aren't grabbing me, I miss the bold brights like last time. Oh well it saves me money! Thank you for sharing, I had no idea they were released today! Are you getting any of them? :)

  4. Aren't they adorable! I have my eyes set on Dorothy, but they seem to be selling out of sizes quickly and I really should be saving not finding ways to spend money! I haven't been able to wear my yellow pair all winter, so I guess I can now. If I buy these I'll have to wait till autumn! Darn.

  5. Oh my land, those Dotty Shoes are calling my name!

  6. Oh my golly! Those shoes are amazing, especially the Dotty.

  7. lovely collection ... i like the dotty ones ...

  8. I love the dora and navy dorothy- I'm a sucker for a patent shoe. Too bad I don't have the money to buy any at the moment!

  9. I was very exciting to hear about this range! Those dotty shoes are just gorgeous and I'm dreaming of how I'd wear them.


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