Style Muse: Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was an American heiress, actress, model and socialite best known for being one of Andy Warhol's muses. 

Edie had quite a tragic life, her childhood was dominated by a brutal father and she developed anorexia in her early teens.

Edie was vulnerable, outrageous and very beautiful and she became an instant celebrity when she fled to New York in 1964. She met Andy Warhol in March 1965 at a dinner party and Warhol, being impressed with her background and beauty, invited her to visit him at his studio. Edie began featuring in Warhol's films but by the end of 1965 their relationship had deteriorated.

Edie tragically died in November 1971, if you're interested in her story then I recommend reading Edie: An American Biography.

Edie is a huge style inspiration for me, I just love her staple of black tights and striped tops/dresses paired with heavy black eyeliner. So stylish. 



  1. I love her style so much, she was so pretty! x

  2. Hi, Sarah! I can clearly see why Edie is a style inspiration for you. You have a lithe figure like hers, a perfect frame to display stylish clothes including horizontal stripes. It's depressing to learn about the lethal combination of drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness that claimed her life whilst she was in her 20s.

    I hope your week is off to a great start, dear friend Sarah!

  3. The biography is a brilliant evocation of the time, when the world was on fast forward. So much happened between 1960 and 1970 that we keep digging and we can't unearth it all.

  4. When I was 16 I watched Factory Girl and fell in love with Edie and obsessively read everything I could on her and watched all of the documentaries that were out there. I have not read this book in particular though and hope to get my hands on it! For a while now I've been musing with giving the mod look a go and today I ordered four 60s dresses from Pop Boutique that I am very excited to wear :D I have always found your style and your blog extremely inspiring and although I still love the styles of the 40s and 60s I am ready to experiment with the 60s!

  5. I'm so with you on this one, I absolutely adore the Edie Sedgwick that we have come to know through all media facets; she seemed to be so sweet, full of energy and genuinely endearing. Her style was second to none and so inspirational! What an astonishingly beautiful lady she was :) <3

  6. Oh Edie! She is so beautiful and sweet, but yes, such a sad life. I got a book years ago called 'Edie girl on fire' which is full of so many photos of her. She was so photogenic and such a great model, but went down hill so quickly.


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