Style Muse: Vidal Sassoon

One for the guys this time. I've recently finished reading Vidal Sassoon's autobiography and thought his sharp style was worthy of being featured in the series. 

Vidal was born in Hammersmith in January 1928 and spent much of his childhood in East London. His mother, Betty, forced him to become an apprentice at a ladies hairdressers as she saw it as a way out of their grinding poverty. It was a good thing she did as Vidal went on to revolutionise hairdressing in the 1960s and his salon was the place to go and get your hair done. Photographers would camp outside his Bond Street salon, snapping the new haircuts as they walked out of the door.

Vidal went on to build a hairdressing empire with his slogan, "if you don't look good, we don't look good". He sadly passed away in 2012 from leukemia but his legacy lives on. My first foray into the world of bobbed hair was with a Sassoon inspired 5 point cut, I was a model for a Mayfair hairdressers when I used to work in the area and I took part in Salon International where they gave me pink eyebrows! Sadly I wasn't able to capture any photos as my phone at the time had a shockingly bad camera - no iphones then!



  1. Hi, Sarah! I wish pictures had survived from your stint as a pink eyebrowed model! I'm sure you looked gorgeous and your hairdo was also a smash. I had a growing awareness of Vidal Sassoon as I came of age in the 1960s and he became a household name and a genuine icon in the 70s and 80s. Thank you for remembering this industry giant who passed away two years ago.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Sarah!

  2. Oh i do love Vidal, and when he passed away he was one of the first 60s icons that i was truly sad about. My hairdresser has the same ethos - if you don't look good we don't look good, and he also gave me a 5 point cut. We wanted to copy Vidals cut for Mary Quant but i have a cowlick so we changed it to a side-swept fringe. like i have now!

    Vidal was so clever at the time to also notice that all those new mod looks needed a sharp wash and wear hair cut. 60s girls needed to be ready to go, not spend hours fussing with rollers and teasing combs!

  3. Yes! I have been getting versions of 60s Vidal Sassoon cuts for at least 5 years now! Love it.


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