Style Muse: Jane Birkin

Ah Jane Birkin, that gamine figure, gorgeous hair and gap-toothed grin - such a babe. Jane is an English actress and singer who, in the 1960s starred in films such as Blow Up and Wonderwall (go watch Blow Up if you haven't already. Great film). 

In 1969 Je non plus (I love neither), her duet with Serge Gainsbourg, was released to great scandal due to its sexual explicitness. She went on to have a 13 year relationship with Gainsbourg and their daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, was born in 1971.


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  1. "Sometimes reality is the strangest fantasy of all."

    "...the dazzle and madness of youth today."

    Hi, dear Sarah! I read the storyline of Blow-Up and it is most certainly a movie I'd like to see. It it similar in a way to the 1981 John Travolta - Nancy Allen movie Blow Out in which the clues to a murder are found in recorded sounds rather than details of a photograph.

    These are wonderful images of Jane Birkin. I agree that she was one of the top English babes of the 60s.

    Thanks for the memories, dear friend Sarah, and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

  2. Oh wow, i think this is my favorite style muse post of yours yet.
    Loving her carefree, summer and slightly hippie look. Some thing that is easy and desirable to imitat this year.
    Thank you for sharing these great images/thoughts!

  3. goodness what a doll! her fashion sense was definitely understated. i'm surprised not more magazines etc look to her fashion style. pity they all want to focus on her relationship with Serge. I love that white dress she wear with the flat and basket. so simple and lovely


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