Playing Shop at John Lewis

Recently, I went on a little fabric shopping trip with my sister as she's been nagging me for a while now to make her a playsuit. She's even fussier than me (and that's saying something) so I told her she had to come with me to get the fabric. We spent the day perusing the fabric shops of Soho and ended up getting something from John Lewis on nearby Oxford Street. Their fabric selection has improved in recent years and they have some lovely mid-century inspired pieces in stock at the moment.
Whilst on our way up to the haberdashery floor we inadvertently stumbled upon a little exhibition created to celebrate 150 years of John Lewis. A mock up of the original victorian store has been created, followed by a small museum setting out the history of the brand.

Obviously I had to pose for photos in the haberdashery. I'm wearing my 1960s coat that I like to call my 'Sindy Coat' on account of it looking like something a 60s Sindy doll would wear.

Perhaps Madam would like the latest fashion fabric?

I teamed the coat with a 60s a-line skirt and sleeveless roll neck top that I recently made from some  white crimplene. An enamel 60s brooch and 50s bangle was added to bring a splash of colour. They matched my yellow shoes which you can just about see in one of the photos above.

It was a charming little exhibition and I found it really interesting to learn about the history of John Lewis. I'm not sure how long it's on for but if you find yourself in the area and want to escape the craziness that is Oxford Street then it's worth popping in.

Have a great weekend guys!


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  1. In every city, in every nation
    From Lake Geneva to the Finland station
    (How far have you been?)

    In a West End town, a dead end world
    The East End boys and West End girls
    A West End town, a dead end world
    East End Boys, West End girls
    West End girls

    Hello, dear Sarah! I hope you realize you're living a dream. You are the envy of women (and men) all over the world who wish they lived so close to the shops, exhibits and history that are yours there in London town. It's good to see pictures of you out and about enjoying yourself in the West End, girl.

    Have a splendid weekend, dear friend!

  2. What a fabulous display, the perfect backdrop for your incredible style! x

  3. This is wonderful and what a lovely break from the craziness of Oxford Street. Your coat is gorgeous, totally get the Sindy reference, I think mine had something very similar!

    Lally x


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