Me Made May - The Final Week

Well May certainly flew by, I had lots of fun wearing my me-made outfits and it was great seeing all the different things that people had made. So, for the last time, here is a round up of my me-made outfits for last week.

It seems I spoke too soon about the weather being nice and warm, this week it cooled down significantly and I had to get out the long sleeved dresses and tights again. I don't mind though as I love wearing this dress. I wore this on Tuesday when I attended a talk on 1960s fashion at my friends shop The Haberdashery. The lady had brought in some original Foal & Tuffin and Ossie Clark dresses - swoon! Apologies for the poor quality of the picture - I took it late at night after forgetting to take a picture during the day.

I wore my Coco top again on Friday with the crimplene a-line skirt (as seen in Week 1) but failed to get a picture of it. However, I did manage to take a selfie of the crimplene dress that I wore on Friday night when I went out dancing. 

Another day, another shift dress. This time a white and blue polka dot one that I underlined with a white cotton poplin to give it more stability. I like my dresses to be structured and flimsy cotton just doesn't work, hence my love of crimplene and 1960s curtain fabric.

So there we go, my first Me Made May all done and dusted. Would I do it again? probably, although given that I tend to wear the same sort of thing all the time I think it could get pretty boring seeing me in the same outfits! Don't forget, you can check out what everyone wore on the Me Made May pinterest board, should you be so inclined.

Have a great week guys!


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  1. Your Me-Made-May exhibition was a smashing success, dear Sarah! It seems impossible for you to look anything less than gorgeous in whatever you choose to make and wear. My favorite of this set is the last one, the white shift with blue polka dots - beauty - simplicity - purity.

    Thank you for participating in MMM this year, dear friend Sarah. It was a pleasure to see all the wonderful looks you created for yourself. As Rod Stewart sang, "You wear it well."

  2. Well done on making it through the month! Three fabulous creations here. xxx

  3. i love your me mades! All your dresses suit you so well!


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