Style Muse: Vidal Sassoon

One for the guys this time. I've recently finished reading Vidal Sassoon's autobiography and thought his sharp style was worthy of being featured in the series. 

Vidal was born in Hammersmith in January 1928 and spent much of his childhood in East London. His mother, Betty, forced him to become an apprentice at a ladies hairdressers as she saw it as a way out of their grinding poverty. It was a good thing she did as Vidal went on to revolutionise hairdressing in the 1960s and his salon was the place to go and get your hair done. Photographers would camp outside his Bond Street salon, snapping the new haircuts as they walked out of the door.

The 60s Breton

One of the things I love most about 60s fashion is that it still looks relevant and cool today (in my humble opinion). If wearing a full on crimplene suit isn't your thing,  something as simple as a breton top and a-line skirt can give you a casual 60s look. Stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Francoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot were all fans of a stripe in the 60s. 

Style Muse: Jane Birkin

Playing Shop at John Lewis

Recently, I went on a little fabric shopping trip with my sister as she's been nagging me for a while now to make her a playsuit. She's even fussier than me (and that's saying something) so I told her she had to come with me to get the fabric. We spent the day perusing the fabric shops of Soho and ended up getting something from John Lewis on nearby Oxford Street. Their fabric selection has improved in recent years and they have some lovely mid-century inspired pieces in stock at the moment.

Me Made May - The Final Week

Well May certainly flew by, I had lots of fun wearing my me-made outfits and it was great seeing all the different things that people had made. So, for the last time, here is a round up of my me-made outfits for last week.