Space Age

The 1960s was a decade of space exploration and looking to the future, the race to space and the launch of Telstar (an American communication satellite from which the first live transatlantic television feed was relayed) all played their part in influencing the fashion designers of the time. In 1964 Pierre Cardin launched his Space Age collection and André Courrèges presented his Moon Girl collection to great acclaim. 

The 1960s Space Age look was a move towards a more modern and simple bold style. André Courrèges' Moon Girl collection (shown above) featured lots of white and silver and experimented with shiny synthetic materials. Hats were shaped like helmets, sunglasses had the appearance of goggles and the shoes were square toed knee high white boots. Pierre Cardin's collection (below) featured round collars, mini skirts, jumpsuits, jersey polo tops and helmet shaped hats. To me, it has just a hint of Star Trek about it!

Sewing patterns were even influenced by the Space Age fashion trend. Check out the curved seams on Simplicity 8381. My latest handmade crimplene dress even has a hint of the space age, with its curved seams and stand up collar.

The Space Age look even extended into interior design with white plastic commonly used for a futuristic feel. I for one would love to get my hands on a 60s egg chair one day! 

So, are you a fan of the space age look and, more importantly, did anyone in the 60s actually go out sporting one of Pierre Cardin's helmet shaped hats?!


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  1. Hi, Sarah! I remember this fad or trend or whatever you'd care to call it. As I recall, Space Age clothing styles failed to catch on in the mainstream and remained a curiosity confined to the catwalks and magazines. In my experience, the conceptual furniture was a little more popular than the fashions.

    1. I didn't think it caught on in the mainstream as I failed to find any pictures of actual people wearing space age fashion - only models! I do love the furniture though and think that side of it was much more popular, especially today.

  2. I love these fashions, so much so that I recently made some helmet hats myself. I was asking the same question though, did anyone actually wear them? My mother reckons not. It's a bit of a shame, I think! The rest of the fashions are more wearable though - I love that pink dress worn with the green wig. Very cute.

  3. fantastic! I would agree with Shady, i think this style was purely conceptual - designed perhaps to encourage consumers to think for the future and especially of space! 2001 A Space Odyssey has some really great costumes with the space look, naturally!
    i love the boots in the last image, so shiny!


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