Me Made May - Week 4

This week I had four me-made outfits to wear to make up for only wearing two last week! 

Monday was a gloriously warm and sunny day so I wore this floral cropped blouse and cream 70s midi skirt. The blouse was made from my own pattern and is perfect for using up smaller pieces of fabric.

Tuesday was warm and muggy so I wore this 1960s shift dress made from a vintage bed sheet/valance. I had planned to add this to the Style Sixties store but decided that I wanted to keep it for myself instead! Note to self: stop making clothes in your size.

On Friday I wore this red me-made 60s shift dress and vintage scarf that I picked up when I visited Berlin a few years ago. All of the shift dresses that I've posted have been made from the same 1960s Style pattern. When I find something I like I make it in every colour/fabric possible. A girl can never have too many shift dresses.

Sunday saw me wearing my orange Coco again, this time paired with slacks from Zara. 

So, with one more week to go what will I wear? There are quite a few me-made items that I haven't worn as it has just been too warm so expect to see a few repeats next week!


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  1. You me-made my day with these stunning outfits, dear Sarah. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. You are skilled at your craft and have the figure of a model, perfect for showing off your handiwork. I'm certain you'll get rave reviews on these glorious outfits from the ladies in our circle.

    Enjoy the rest of your day and week, dear friend Sarah!

  2. I love all four! that blouse is so sweet and I'm delighted yo decided to keep the duvet dress! x

  3. Gah they all look so lovely! I agree, if you have a pattern you love that much it's definitely worth making a few in various prints and colours.

    I'm not surprised you were loathed to part with the vintage bed sheet dress - it's a stunner!

  4. love your outfits! i think number 2 is my favourite but im very impressed with number 1!


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