Me Made May - Week 1

Can you believe it's May already? This year, for the first time, I'm participating in Me Made May. My pledge is to wear at least one handmade item, three times a week for the duration of May and I plan to document my progress in weekly update posts. As I already wear my handmade items regularly, this challenge is mainly to get better at remembering to take outfit photos.

So, without further ado, here is a roundup of my me-made outfits for week 1.

This dress was worn on Thursday, it's one of my most worn me-made items and was made from a Style 2621 pattern from 1969. In winter I like to team this dress with thick tights and ankle boots.

I had a meal/party to go to on Saturday evening and wore my latest crimplene creation. This was made using McCalls 9000 from 1967. I loved the pattern so much I actually spent Saturday afternoon making up another one in a different colour way - stayed tuned for photos of that one!

I wore a complete me-made outfit on Sunday and teamed my Coco top with my crimplene A-line skirt. I didn't really do much on Sunday apart from going out to pick up a new sewing machine. Earlier in the week I'd posted on my Facebook page about how I'd quite like a Singer 353 from 1973 and it seems the vintage gods were on my side as I got not one but two of the beauties from a seller on ebay, who just happened to live a short drive from my house - what are the chances eh?! They need a little service but both should be in full working order soon.

I'm really enjoying the me-made challenge so far, head on over to the Me-Made May pinterest board to see what everyone else has been wearing.


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  1. Nice dresses , the color of the first one match perfectly with your beautiful hair color . I have the same Singer , it came from my mother .

  2. How exciting, I loved that sewing machine when you posted it on Facebook and now you have two!
    Gorgeous creations, looking forward to seeing more of your makes made on that groovy machine! xxx

  3. Hi, dear Sarah! It boggles my mind that you possess the skill to make such lovely outfits for yourself. They all make you look smart, pretty and feminine. I swear to you that my girlfriend, whom I met in 1968, wore a dress exactly like that red and white crimplene of yours. I can't wait to see the rest of your U-made frocks!

  4. I'm loving all your outfits, they are just gorgeous! And what a beautiful sewing machine, I've never seen anything like it!

  5. love that top dress! and i the second one - what a great job you did of sewing it. im realising that the cold weather we are having is making it hard to select my me made items - lucky your going into spring! *sigh*

  6. Hey, great dresses! And a kick-arse sewing machine. Like.


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