Mini Skirts

No 60s dolls wardrobe would be complete without a mini skirt or two. André Courrèges had been experimenting with hemlines as early as 1961 but it wasn't until 1965 that this iconic skirt became popular in London when Mary Quant raised the hemlines of her skirts.

I came across some pictures of cool 60s girls in mini skirts recently and it inspired me to create some of my own. I've made quite a few skirts for myself, most of them are early 60s designs which I wear to work, but I had yet to make a mini.

Behold, Simplicity 7779 which I picked up for a few pounds on ebay.

I used crimplene left over from a previous project (more on that soon!) and whipped this skirt up in a few hours. The top I was planning on modelling this skirt with isn't quite finished yet so Betty, my new dress form, is modelling it for you today.

You should be seeing an outfit post of this skirt soon as I'm planning on participating in Me Made May this year. I've pledged to wear one handmade item at least 3 times a week for the duration of May. Exciting!


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  1. Hello, dear Sarah! I'm happy to know you'll be participating in MMM. Betty looks good in this skirt but she doesn't have much in the way of personality. :) That's why I can't wait for you to model it for us.

    How well I remember the mini skirt trend of the mid 60s. At my high school, girls were prohibited from wearing them even though they dominated fashion magazines and were prevalent in movies and television. The change was jarring when I went off to college in 1967. On campus, mini skirts were everywhere. Girls wore them to class and I admit it was very distracting for us males who were trying to keep our minds on getting an education. All the rules were relaxed there at university. Students were allowed to smoke tobacco and grass and even bring alcoholic drinks into the classroom. Instantly I went from feeling like a kid in high school to a grown up, sophisticated "college man." It was heady stuff, a very exciting time to be young. To the dismay of many U.S. males, the door soon slammed shut on the mini skirt when maxis and "granny dresses" became the new fad.

    I look forward to seeing you in your MMM outfits, dear friend Sarah. Have a safe and happy weekend!

  2. What a fab mini, I love the crimplene you've used! xxx

  3. Oh that skirt looks fab! I love the 60s! Following you on Instagram now! xox

  4. love the print of this skirt os much. can't wait to see it worn soon.

  5. such a cute skirt! I started cutting out a skirt from that green crimplene today before the boy and i decided to pop of to the cinemas. great work on the invisible zipper too, i totally cant do them!

    1. Thanks love, I can't wait to see your skirt! My machine seems to prefer invisible zippers at the moment, every time I try to do a lapped zip it throws a tantrum and eats up the fabric. Have you tried this tutorial for invisible zips?

  6. Such a great skirt, and I'm so excited to see what you'll be wearing during Me Made May! I often find I have to compromise between "can i wear this to work?" and "can i make this 12 inches shorter?"

  7. Love the fabric you opted for! It's fun, serene and cool all at the same time.

    ♥ Jessica


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