Make it easy in Crimplene

Now, as I'm sure you know, I have a lot of love for crimplene. I recently posted about a skirt that I made from this fab piece of blue/purple crimplene and now it's time to share with you the dress that I made using McCalls 9552 from 1968.

The dress went together without a hitch and I just love the panel seaming in the front and back which gives the dress a lovely shape.

I often purchase my crimplene from ebay and last year a seller thoughtfully included a lovely little booklet by Shipley Jayes Ltd which was full of hints on making up garments in crimplene.

"There are many lovely fabrics in Crimplene in exciting new colours, prints and textures for home dressmaking. These can be made up in a similar way to other jersey or woven fabrics but these hints are given so that you can make the best possible garment. Your garment in Crimplene will then have all the properties that you could wish for. It will be comfortable to wear, never seat, stretch or crease in wear, and will look as good after a long hard day as it did when it came out of the wash tub. Yes, we mean wash tub. No special cleaning care is needed. Crimplene likes to be washed as often as possible - just follow the washing instructions given and your garment will never need ironing. In the same way as the Crimplene fabrics like to be washed, so too do the recommended sewing threads.  They are made from another strong fibre called Terylene. Even after lots of successive washes the seams, sewn with Terylene threads, will be as strong and as firm as the day you made the garment.


For good extensible seams use Terylene sewing thread. Use fairly slack tensions, a high number of stitches per inch and make sure that the stitch is well balanced. Always use a fine sharp needle in the machine and take care not to stretch or distort the knitted fabric when sewing.

Maximum needle size should be 14 but use a size 10 or 12 for fine fabrics. The needle must be sharp or it will damage the fabric.

Use 12 - 24 stitches per inch for general seaming."

Sewing with crimplene is a dream, it's easy to work with and it doesn't fray so you don't have to spend any time neatening seams. It's a tragedy that it isn't in production anymore!


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  1. Hello, dear Sarah! You look fabulous in your crimplene creation. It's form fitting, such a lovely shade of blue and, my oh my, does it ever pop against that orange wall of yours! You look like a model who magically stepped off the pages of a late 60s fashion mag. Well done, dear friend, and thank you so much for sharing.

    I hope your upcoming weekend will be a splendid one, Sarah!

  2. Its a widely held belief that Crimplene was phased out by the clothing industry as it never wore out so women stopped buying so many clothes. I love working with it and it is a dream to cut, sew and launder. You've done a fantastic job. straight out of the 1960s! x

  3. Fab! Crimplene really adds to the lovely shape of your mod mini!

  4. What a wonderful dress, it looks really lovely on you!

  5. Love it! And I love the pose in the final photo.

  6. Oh I love this! Such a cute style, and it looks perfect on you!

  7. Very cute dress! This silhouette (and the fabric itself) is charming and elegant at the same time.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Such a lovely dress! I absolutely adore the pattern and the pretty blue color!

  9. I do love your dress, its a lovely fit and the fabric pattern is very sweet! i hope to see more crimplene from you!
    after having made a crimplene skirt, I am now totally agree with you and Vix that it is indeed a wonder fabric! and its so light at well! you dont feel like it its weighing you down.

    1. Yay! another crimplene convert! It is indeed a wonder fabric and you will definitely be seeing more crimplene from me.

  10. Fabulous dress, it really suits you in both colour and shape.

  11. It looks fantastic: perfect fit, and I love the collar! I don't own anything in crimplene, but I do like the sound of it: anything that doesn't crease the second you put it on sounds good to me!

  12. I love the fabric and the shape of the dress - great job ! :-)


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