Style Muse: Clothilde

Clothilde, born Élisabeth Beauvais on 22 February 1948, is a French Yé Yé singer from Paris who had a brief singing career in the 1960s, releasing 2 EP's for the Vogue record label.

One of my favourite songs of hers is Saperlipopette, released in 1967.

More information about Clothilde can be found here.



  1. Hello, dear Sarah! I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to listen to and learn about these French yeye singers. Clothilde's story is particularly interesting. She was a pretty girl with delicate, model features and a silky, feminine singing voice - the qualities necessary for popularity and success as a yeye style performer. The only thing lacking was her willingness to go all in and commit to becoming a singing star. She made a couple of pleasing EPs and then dropped out. My impression of yeye is that it took shy, innocent girl-next-door types and required them to sing titillating songs laced with double entendre. Perhaps reluctant would-be yeye starlets like Clothilde knew instinctively that a certain amount of exploitation was required of them and that their recordings were meant to be provocative to men. They became uncomfortable with the notion of being objectified, heeded their inner voice of caution and withdrew from the game.

    I hope you are having a fine Thursday, dear friend Sarah, and I wish you a happy Friday and weekend!

  2. I love a bit of yeye every now and then - such sweet little songs! But ive never heard of Clothilde!

  3. French sounds so beautiful along, but that singing is amazing!
    Hope to learn the language in my lifetime!

  4. she looks so calm and vulnerable at the same time!!

  5. Every time I see a photo of Clothilde, I fall more and more in love with her perfect shoulder length + bangs/fringe hair cut. If they made a wig of it, I'd want one big time!

    ♥ Jessica


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