Grace Coddington

I'm currently reading Grace Coddington's autobiography, which is proving to be an enjoyable and interesting read. It's quite a large book so not one to read on the train to work unless you want to give yourself backache carrying it around (I don't do kindles!). At the moment I'm currently reading about her time as a model during the 60s which is just fab. I'd sort of forgotten that she used to be a model as she is much more well known now for being Creative Director at American Vogue. She quickly became a 'face' during the 60s, posing for Bailey, Donovan, Duffy and Norman Parkinson and she was the muse behind Vidal Sassoons five point cut. Having recently read Mary Quant's autobiography it is interesting to read Grace's account of the Kings Road during the 60s.

Has anyone else read this book? I would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Hi, Sarah! I haven't read the book but I checked Grace's bio and learned about her accident and reconstructive facial surgery when she was in her 20s. Her story teaches the valuable lesson that you can bounce back from adversity and achieve greatness.

    I am impressed by the fact that you prefer real books to the convenience of a kindle. That speaks volumes about you. I am a firm believer in preserving 20th century experiences like paging through books and playing vinyl records on a turntable by a fire. People who go 100% digital/electronic are missing out on pleasurable experiences that promote a sense of well being.

    Enjoy your Friday and your weekend, dear friend Sarah!

  2. Sounds like a really good read! I'll have a look out for it next time I take a trip into town.
    I think you resemble her too - most especially in the first picture! xx

  3. I will need to add this to the ever growing book list! I love that she said she "only did a little modelling" in the September Issue but I see her photos pop all the time! I especially like her photos for Mary Quant in the zip-up-front dress. I think the even ended up on a postage stamp with that dress? She has such a pretty face and shes ginger! Love it!

    Ill have to read this book - thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I'd love to read this, the photos alone are spectacular! I'm delighted you're another Kindle sceptic, I can't imagine reading one ever! x

    1. Oh yes I'm a big Kindle sceptic, give me a real book anyday! x


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