Casual 60s - Red Slacks

I made trousers guys! I've been after a red pair of slacks for ages but the majority of vintage repro companies don't make them small enough to fit me (on a recent dancing trip I was informed by a stall holder that I had "the waist of a child" after I asked what size they went down to!).  I really really wanted a red pair though so when I came across this McCalls pattern in my size it was like fate!

Here they are in all their glory......

I had to take the inside leg seam in by about 1.5 cm to get them to fit, but for a first attempt at trouser making I think I did ok.

Slacks are great for days when you want to go for more of a casual 60s look but still look smart. I wear them quite a lot at the weekends when I'm just running errands or going dancing. Check out the ladies below in their slacks!

The Supremes
A bout de souffle

Sylvie Vartan
Jane Fonda



  1. You nailed the look, and your figure is spectacular!

  2. You are so beautifully petite, gorgeous figure!! Those trousers are lovely and so flattering, they look perfect with the striped top!

  3. Hello, dear Sarah! A pretty, petite redhead with pale skin dressed in bright red is an unbeatable combination in my book. You look very smart indeed and having "the waist of a child" makes you the envy of 99% of all women, I would imagine.

    I hope you're having a super week, dear friend, and that it continues so.

  4. These look fabulous! You've managed to convince me that I need to find a vintage pants pattern, now. I have the same problem though, not many patterns are small enough for me!

  5. Those trousers are fantastic, a perfect fit! xxx

  6. THESE!! These are so fantastic! I love them so much im gonna cry. And the top and your hair - you're like a sassy 60s babe. I love the supporting images too. you've done so well im going to have to add trousers to my sewing list. you've inspired me!!

    1. Thanks lovely! you definitely need to add trousers to your sewing list - they are actually not that hard to make.

  7. Oh my goodness they look so great! I love them! You have really done a wonderful job and they looks so cute on you too. Love the outfit! xx

  8. gosh, they are just wonderful!

  9. Wow you made that? Awesome! And fits
    reaaaally good as well c: Good job! Xx

  10. ah, those pants you made! they are perfect , i love them on you!

    lindsey louise

  11. Those pants are amazing! I'm now determined to add pants to my list of things to make.

  12. This is so impressive! Wonderful and fabulous in every way

  13. You look magnificent! These pants are so snappy and fun, but also classically elegant in that great early 60s, Jackie O-esque way. Wonderful job on them - they truly look incredible on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  14. i could go green with envy when i look at those red pants! well done. they look perfect on you!


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