Sixties Nightclub

I recently stumbled across these great nightclub photographs taken by Billy Monk in Cape Town in the late 60s. For more of these great pictures visit the Voices of East Anglia website.



  1. Hi, Sarah! I love photographs taken at dance venues during the 60s because they inevitably stir memories of my teenage years at the Shady Dell. I clicked over to the full article and read with interest how Monk snapped these intimate, sometimes titillating candids for the purpose of augmenting his income as a bouncer by selling them to punters. In this case, I took the term "punters" to mean ravers or patrons of underground nightclubs such as this one in Cape Town, South Africa, or people who have a fascination with night life and revelers.

    Very interesting pictures and post, Sarah. Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend!

    1. I'm not familiar with London slang, Sarah, and I'd be interested in reading your interpretation of the term "punters" as it pertains to that Monk article.

    2. Hi Shady, a punter is another word for 'customer'. If you were to go to a pub in London the landlord would refer to you as a punter. In a more seedier side, it is also used to refer to people who use prostitutes! With regards to that article, the 'punters' are the people who attended the nightclub and who he took pictures of. Hope that helps!

  2. These are incredible, nothing better than black and white photography and a groovy subject matter! x

  3. amazing photos Sarah. I love looking at nightclub photos from the 60s. all the girls dressed up - the peak of the 60s imagination. and the boys in their smart suits. Fab!


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