Style Muse: Sylvie Vartan

Sylvie Vartan is a Bulgarian French singer and another of my style muses. As well as having great style she was also one of the Yé Yé girls of the 1960s. Her musical career began in 1961 when she recorded "Panne d'essence" with French rocker Frankie Jordan.



  1. Good morning, Sarah! Sylvie Vartan is another artist who flew under my radar all these years. Thanks to you I am learning a lot about French ye-ye singers. I went over to YouTube and watched a few of Sylvie's videos. There are several performance clips from the early 60s and a few that show her entertaining in the new millennium. One person on Y/T who commented on a 1968 video made the following observation: "Her outfits (are) much (more) original than Madonna much (more) avant garde than Gaga. All designers just copy and copy. All models now are like yeye girls." In her early videos, IMO, Sylvie resembles French actress Yvette Mimieux. I was surprised to hear her singing a cover of "The Loco-Motion," the hit by American singer Little Eva!

    Thank you very much for another entertaining and informative post, dear friend Sarah, and have a super week ahead!

  2. Oh she is so pretty! If i only understood french so i could sing along with her.
    I sometimes confuse her with France Gall, who was also a blondie Yeye singer. I love their pretty and innocent look which helps with the sweet music they sing.
    Great images!

  3. Perfection, her hair is to die for!!!


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