Style Muse: France Gall

France Gall is a popular French yé yé singer and one of my 1960s style icons.

Born Isabelle Genevieve Marie Anne Gall on 9 October 1947, she released her first single "Ne sois pas si bête" ("Don't Be So Stupid") at the age of 16.  She won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 with the Serge Gainsbourg penned Poupée de cire, poupée de son and went on to have a very successful music career.


UPDATE 07/01/18 - France Gall sadly passed away on 7 January 2018 after an infection complication caused by cancer (source - The Independent)


  1. I remember when I first heard of France Gall. There is a second-hand book and records shop close to my parents house and every end of the week I'd go there and get £10 worth in records (most where super cheap). At least one would be something I didn't know and I picked a France Gall's because of her hair cut. Turns out it was a good record so I went back there and got the others that they have! This reminds me that I need to play them, I haven't listened to her in ages! xxx

  2. Good day to you, dear Sarah! France Gall was indeed a style icon and a wide variety of hair and clothing styles are on display in this post.

    Until recently, France Gall had flown under my radar. I don't remember her from my youth in the 60s, although I was familiar with a contemporary of hers, French pop and bossa nova singer Claudine Longet. I knew about Claudine via her association with American singing star Andy Williams.

    It's fascinating to read about Serge Gainsbourg, the principle songwiter for France Gall during her teenage years. Gainsbourg wrote songs for France Gall that were provocative, suggestive and open to risque interpretation, the most notorious being "Les sucettes" ("Lollipops"), a song that became one of her most successful recordings two years after the one presented here, "Laisse Tomber Les Filles," ("Leave the Girls Alone"). France Gall claims she was innocent and naive when she recorded Gainsbourg's racy material and never realized that the songs were laced with double entendre. In her adult years she has distanced herself from the Gainsbourg phase of her career.

    Thank you for another very interesting post, dear Sarah. I hope your Sunday is going well and that you will have a fine week ahead.

  3. I remember seeing a picture of her years ago and wondering who she was and then I found out serendipitously through hearing one of her songs and then googling her. she's so pretty!

  4. she's so beautiful. lovely pictures.

  5. Oh, France Gall is so adorable ! and I love your blog

    I started a blog today after thinking about it for a long time, maybe you can take a look ? :)

    With love Lisa


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