Sixties Inspired: Boutique by Jaeger

Boutique by Jaeger is fast becoming one of my favourite places to shop, the clothes are beautifully made and inspired by the 60s, what's not to love?

Top of my wish list is the floral jacquard dress shown above and I just love the matching trouser and top combo too.

The Jaeger brand has been around since 1884 and I recently came across this great image from their archive, I just love the white coat and tights combo!


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  1. i wish-listed that navy dress - but alas it is very expensive!
    They have such beautiful clothes, the silhouette and fabric choices are i think what make it so good.
    Great archive find! Im trying to find some info at the moment for some patterns i bought and ive been searching archives all week. im worn out!

    1. Yeah it is on the pricey side, I tend to wait until they have a sale or something before buying!


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