A Mod and a Rocker

Me and my sister have very different styles and yesterday we couldn't have looked more different if we tried (she is wearing my leather jacket though!). 

I'm wearing a new-to-me dress bought from Retrobates vintage in Greenwich, one of my favourite vintage shops in London.



  1. What a lovely photo, you've got the same pretty eyes even if your music tastes are totally different! x
    Ps Gorgeous dress! x

  2. Your dress is incredible Sarah , i love the white collar and the white cuffs , the plaid is perfect and i love the large central pleat . Well done !

  3. I love this - it's exactly like me and my younger sister! I can certainly see the resemblance between you two, and though you both have such different styles you both look very pretty. That dress is fantastic too. xxx

  4. You're both beauties and have cool style. Yay for sister style!

  5. Oh how cool! My sister and I don't get along - so I guess we're opposites in a different way. haha! You definitely have similar eyes
    I love that dress too, it goes so well with your hair!


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