Sixties Inspired: Lily Collins Photoshoot

I just love this 1960s inspired shoot in the latest issue of UK Glamour magazine. The Orla Kiely coat and Paule Ka dress are gorgeous and something I could definitely see myself wearing when it gets cold.



  1. oh so lovely! i haven't read a glossy mag in ages but its good to see them mixing in the 60s. I try to stick with Frankie or Lula, who often slip in little 60s editorials every now and then!

    1. Glamour have had some good 60s inspired editorials in the last couple of years, my boyfriend's sister buys the magazine so I often flick through it when I'm at her house.

  2. I adore Lily. What a beautiful 60's themed fashion story.

  3. She looks a lot like you, you'd look fabulous in her clothes! x

  4. Lily is SO beautiful, I really wish she dressed like this all the time, the 60s suit her so well compared to all of the crop tops that she wears at red carpet events!

  5. Beautiful pictures - that first one is just everything I want to be! xx

  6. Lily is up there amongst Vivian Leigh & Audrey Hepburn


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