A New Dress - Butterick 5913

Thank you all for your get well messages, today's post is long overdue as I actually finished this dress back in May!

I used some lovely 60s barkcloth that I picked up at a vintage fair recently and made version A. I omitted the pockets and did initially include the collar which I made out of white crimplene however I wasn't happy with the way it turned out and felt that it overpowered the dress so I decided to leave it off in the end.

Now I'm a girl with a lot of dresses (seriously, loads) but I'm always having 'argh I don't know what to wear' moments, probably because I have too much choice to be honest, not because of lack of actual clothes. I have at least three more dresses in the sewing pipeline, four if you count the one I'm making at the moment. Hopefully some new additions to the wardrobe will make it quicker to get dressed in the morning....



  1. You look gorgeous! That dress is a 1960s dream, the fabric is perfect and I often leave off the pockets and collars as they can look a bit fussy. Glad you're up and about and feeling better! x

  2. Too many choices is a good problem to have, dear Sarah. I am in awe of your dress making capabilities and this one looks smashing on you. The greens and blues remind me of the James Taylor song. Do you know it?

    Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose
    Won't you let me go down in my dreams?
    And rock-a-bye sweet baby James

    I'm so happy to see you around our circle the last few days and to know you're feeling better. I genuinely care, dear Sarah. Good night to you in the UK!

    1. No I don't know that song, I will have to look it up! Thank you for your well wishes Shady :)

  3. Lovely! You look a really 60's doll!
    Yes, I am the same with dresses, and clothes in general. And I could never figure out why I felt like I had nothing to wear but I think you've cracked it - too much choice!

  4. You look so pretty in your new frock. I adore that painting on your wall.

  5. I think its just as well you did without the collar, the simple cut and pattern does all the talking! The print reminds me a little of the fabric Orla Kiely uses :D

  6. I like it without the collar, but i think you could always make a detachable collar if you wanted to punch it up a bit?
    I do the same thing every morning . Too many dresses and way more to come! I don't think i've worn trousers to work in about 6 months...

  7. Amazing dress! Looks great on you and I love the fabric, such a nice pattern! xxx

  8. You can never have enough dresses ! ;-) Its a lovely dress and I like it very much


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