Style Muse: Mad Men

Since my last post about Meredith's style was so popular, I thought I'd focus on the fashions of the Mad Men ladies (and gents!) that we don't often hear about.

As soon as I saw the pointed collar I was in love. Despite only being in the episode for a few minutes Beverley really stood out for me, I adore dresses with a collar and this blue and white beauty is perfection, I'm already planning on making one of my own.

Oh if only air travel was still this glamourous. I just love Daisy's uniform and would happily wear that dress now (maybe not with the hat). 

I just love the way Harry's secretary, Scarlett, dresses. The boots, the hair, everything *sigh*. Apologies for the blurry images but they were the best examples I could find.

Whilst we're on the subject of Harry can I just say how much I love his outfits in season 6, very dandy.

I've always loved Trudy's outfits, her orange and brown dress looks very similar to a dress I have and I just love the classic shirt waister too.


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  1. Hi, Sarah! Trudy is a fave of mine on Mad Men and Alison Brie proved her versatility as an actress by simultaneously inhabiting the character of the perky bookworm Annie on Community. Have a super Tuesday, dear Sarah!

  2. I love that Harry has sideburns now! Oh and Pete Campbell too.
    Trudy's middle dress reminds me of your 'curtain' dress you made about a month ago!

  3. I love the Scarlett dresses !!


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